Thursday, November 20, 2014

Black and silver makeup look tutorial

Black and silver  makeup look tutorial

Hey guys,
I am back again with a new post and yes a new silver makeup eye look.
I was thinking what post should i do now?.Then my mind climbed up on my eye look that i created few days ago!!
So here i am with pictures and the video as to how i created this look..?..!!

Let me show you how it really looked :) ..

Tadddaaa...I hope you liked this look..If you wanna create this sexy look.You need to look my video for that..My video was in 2 parts.So probably you need to take out 22 mins of your time to watch this video Both the videos are of 11 mins..
Now the products that i used during this look
1-Cover girl creamy eye shadow in silver
2-Coastal scents Grey,silver,black and white form 88 Matt pallet
3-Estee-lauder's Lip gloss in nude pink
4-Brushes used 
  a) Vega small eye shadow brush
  b) Mac 217 blending brush
  c) Mac 219 pencil brush
  d) Mac 263 angular brush
  e) Vega eye liner brush

If you want to ask me something about this makeup  look or any kind of trick!!
Now ,Take a glance at my pictures..on  beautysha

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Bye and GOOD LUCK:)))